Ms L

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"At Moor Dental I have found everyone to be very professional, friendly and welcoming. My daughter & I have always been very nervous of Dentist, my daughter has a needle phobia. Moor Dental have given us confidence and always come away with a happy experience. Very highly recommend. You won't be disappointed with Moor Dental in any way."

Mr F

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"As somebody with some phobias of dentistry and most medical practices, I was extremely hesitant to visit the dentist. While my nerves were making it hard for me to relax, the staff did not. They were friendly, polite, caring, and professional. I had two appointments after the initial assessment, for cleaning and a couple of fillings. As you can imagine, I was terrified. But by the second day, with how at ease I felt due to their attitude and competence, I let them get on with the treatment and didn't feel half as bad. They also offer sedation, for those overly anxious with regards to treatment. Which is something I thought I would need, but gladly didn't. I would recommend Moor Dental Care to anybody."

Mrs C

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"They are brilliant the receptionist are so welcoming makes you feel at ease I went as was in a lot of pain and my usual dentist didn't have a dentist for months. But Moor Dental Care did my treatment and we now travel there from Tavistock. Wonderful dentist."

Ms L

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"I had an emergency appointment for my 6 year old today, she needed a tooth out due to infection, and honestly I was so impressed with how patient and understanding Hannah was, we sat in the chair for 45 minutes before my little girl would allow the tooth to be pulled out, and Hannah stayed so calm, and explained everything properly, and not once did she let my little girl see the tools she was using. very impressed!"

Mr A

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"After losing the cap of my front tooth and expecting a long wait for it to get fixed, the dental magician at moor craft did a temporary repair and now a can smile again! Thank you so much for an outstanding service."

Mr W

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"Service from reception staff and Catherine is excellent, especially for nervous patients, children just had first appointment with Chris, he was wonderful made them feel at ease, happy to see him again excellent."

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